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In Mighty Block we genuinely believe that people’s learning process has a powerful impact on oneself and on the entire team. Learning is the reason for little and big changes in people and also companies.

According to the Society for HR Management (SHRM), A learning culture “consists of a community of workers instilled with a ‘growth mindset.’ People not only want to learn and apply what they’ve learned to help their organization, they also feel compelled to share their knowledge with others.”

How do we develop a culture of learning in Mighty Block?

Web3 has a singular environment: every day you are learning something new. We always stay up to date by focusing on cutting edge technology. This is the reason why learning must be present as the foundation of the company. Culture is the principal intangible enabler of learning.

When we designed our Core Values at Mighty Block the open attitude to learn was at the forefront of the process. We called it: “White Belt Attitude”. For us, it means that  the learning process never ends. The more we know, the more we acknowledge what we don’t know.

If you want to know more about our core values, our last blog article is here.

Mighty Block
Always a white belt attitude

How do we implement the “White Belt Attitude” core value?

Peer Connecting: When we asked the Mighty Block team about the latest topics they actually learnt they answered that it takes place in informal conversations where they can debate and share about the projects that they are working on. No formal training, or tutorials. 

It’s possible because of the horizontal communication: On spaces and connections such as workshops, slacks channels, etc. everybody has their own voice, could ask and answer. No questions are silly questions. It helps people bring ideas and perspectives together. The output is always new learning, and the most important reason is the team: experienced and full of “servant heart” attitude. (Servant heart is also one of our core Values: Always ready to help attitude. Serving others makes us all better.)

The challenges of the product we are building: No matter how experienced they are, each new member takes a humble attitude -as a beginner to learn everything about our technologies and product. The kind of product we develop challenges us to be updated and always learning. It makes us reach out to learn, do research, ask questions and look for the best way to perform. It motivates us to be better. 

Recruiting Process: To ensure our learning culture over time each new hire should show the White Belt Attitude since the very first interview. Our recruiting process was designed to get to know each other. It means that at the end of the interviews, we will have a clear picture about the cultural fit with our Core Values. The interview set includes: Cultural Fit interview, Technical Interviews, Tech challenges, etc.

Activities at Mighty Block that incentivize the White belt Attitude

Crypto Research 

Every Friday at 12, Crypto Research meetings take place.

In each session, one team member presents a crypto related topic and shares what they have been researching as well as their findings and learnings. The rest of the team also participates in the presentation by asking questions and debating.

The first crypto research meeting took place within the initial weeks of Mighty Block.

The team investigated and did a lot of research on this topic every week, so we finally organised these meetings to share the discoveries.

Now, these meetings have become the perfect environment to learn something new every week. 

Mighty Block's team
Despite the fact that “crypto research” is always a virtual meeting, on November workshop we did it face to face

Defi Challenge

As well as developing web3 products, the entire team needs to have basic knowledge about Web3, decentralized protocols, NFTs platforms and token management.

So, we decided to make it fun and challenging. Every quarter a new level starts and it has different tasks to complete such as: Install a non custodial wallet, obtain a ERC 20 token, mint a nft, stake a coin, etc. The winner is whoever holds the most ETH at the time of the final settlement.

We identify a lot of learnings because of our mistakes: We spend unnecessary gass, be scammed, and obtain unuseful tokens. But we help each other when the inexperienced need a guide or a new task is very challenging, we share our learnings and new knowledge.

The “Mighty Blog”

Since the beginning the Mighty Blog purpose was to generate a space to share the team knowledge and learnings. Is a big opportunity to share with the world our expertise in the Blockchain space, leaving a mark in the ecosystem, and provide help to the community.

But blogging helps us to learn so many new skills and abilities (i.e: Writing for different audiences, choosing a topic). The process when we write and the content we research also builds our knowledge.

We have already published 9 articles from 8 members of our team. On October 31, we reached 999 views on our own content! We are very proud and excited about what’s coming on (new topics, new podcast episodes).


The Mighty Block team loves to learn and we try to  identify this attribute in all candidates since the first interview. Our challenge was to design a learning culture and strategies which works as an amplifier that encourages both the love of learning and the opportunity to learn.

Mixing creative spaces and activities with traditional training when needed was the strategy we implemented to keep the flame of curiosity alive.

We are always looking for Web3 talent !

Mighty Block is one of the partners of Forte, a platform to enable game publishers to easily integrate blockchain technologies into their games. We believe blockchain will enable new economic and creative opportunities for gamers around the world and have assembled a team of proven veterans from across the industry (Kabam, Unity, GarageGames, ngmoco, Twitch, Disney), as well as a $100M developer fund & $725M funding, to help make it happen. That’s where you come into play.

Feel free to browse all our current open job opportunities in the following link 👇


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