We are on a
mission to bring
Web3 to the

We belive that Crypto
and web3 should not be
only exclusively for
tech-savvy users.

Our Company

Our purpose

To help onboard the next billion users into Web3.

Our niche

We build user friendly infrastructure for the Web3 Gaming industry.




We build infrastructure for the GameFi industry, using technologies such as Rust and Solidity



We have designed and developed the smart contracts of several NFTs projects related to the gaming industry.



We design and develop Dapps interacting with any type of blockchains.


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Our Core Values

Staying united and having a strong culture is our priority. We stick together as a team no matter what happens.It’s who we are.
It’s what we believe in.
They are an expression of our DNA, they represent the principles guiding our efforts and helping us make the right decisions.

Servant’s heart

Always a ready to help attitude. Serving others makes us all better. Plus, karma will bring each of us more.

We own what we do

We rool up our sleeves and step up. We think (and work) like entrepreneurs, own the challenge, and deliver results — never passing the buck

Allways a white belt attitude

For us, the learning process never ends. The more we know, the more we acknowledge what we don’t know.

Positive mindset

We inspire each other with our grit and optimism. There is always a creative way to solve problems.

We make things happen

No excuses: we ship, we will do everything needed to deliver.

We honour quality

The quality bar is very high for us. We care about details and are thorough about what we make.

The best ideas wins

We acknowledge that we have blindspots. We seek for oher views and look for the truth, not to impose our ideas.

We are team players

We have each other’s back. We never feel alone, the team is much bigger than us.

Our Team

The team is key to achieve our mission.

Lean Echeverria

"I feel proud for every single MB member, working with them is learn, deliver, challenge and push yourself every day to be better, all of this in a healthy environment."

Lean Echevarría
Coti Caballero

"Working at Mighty Block has been an exciting and challenging experience for me. Here, I’ve had the opportunity to work on innovative and complex projects aimed at improving the user experience in the blockchain world. Moreover, the working environment is excellent, thanks to the high human quality of my colleagues".

Coti Caballero
Facu La Rocca

"What I love the most about working at Mighty is that the team is absolutely convinced we can accomplish whatever we want to. It is like some sort of positive attitude that strongly motivates and leads us. Even in situations where uncertainty is very high, we always adapt and success"

Facu La Rocca

Join the Mighty Block Team!

We are looking for motivated, bright and ambitious people
passionate about the web3 world.

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