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Last month the sixth edition of Devcon was held in the city of Bogotá in Colombia. But first…

What is Devcon?

Devcon is a global conference for Ethereum developers that was created in 2014 and is held every year in different countries and continents:

  • Devcon 0: Berlin (2014)
  • Devcon 1: London (2015)
  • Devcon 2: Shanghai (2016)
  • Devcon 3: Cancun (2017)
  • Devcon 4: Prague (2018)
  • Devcon 5: Tokio (2019)
  • Devcon 6: Bogotá (2020)

2020? Well… It was planned for that year but you can guess what happened. Therefore, this edition was not just another edition: it also meant its definitive return. Because of this, people came from all over the world and that leads me to the next paragraph.

Devcon - The most important Conference
Devcon – The most important Conference

People from all over the world

The fact that it was the return to face-to-face was a great attraction for people from all over the world. Networking opportunities and meeting new people are for me the best things about attending this kind of conferences. You can have a coffee and also an interesting conversation with people who are not from your circle of acquaintances and may not even live on your continent. And there are also specific and funny spaces to generate new links and conversations…

Side events

These meetings are happening around the conference. Events can be from breakfast to after office and even rave parties. It is a great time to generate more informal and relaxed conversations, but it also provides opportunities to discuss technical details and do business. If you were busy watching presentations at the conference, side events are the right place to chat. Regarding presentations, if you were busy there it was because…

First class speakers

The best-known experts in the Ethereum world as Vitalik Buterin were on the grid of this conference. In addition to the technical content, it was very valuable to have the opportunity to approach a speaker and interact directly on the topic of the talk. This is clearly not an option in virtuality. Most of the experts have been present at events prior to the Devcon such as…

EthBogota and EthLatam

EthBogota is one of the hackathons organized by the Ethereum Foundation. It was the weekend before Devcon so the people could attend both events on the same trip. More than 1000 people participated in this competition with more than 500K USD in prizes. The day before the Devcon, a special event was held for the Latin American community that had already had an edition in the city of Buenos Aires: EthLatam. Both events added to the Devcon gave the opportunity to bring many experts closer to a region that seems to emerge as a point of interest…

Latam as a point of interest

Latin America is one of the regions with the highest adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based projects partially due to economic needs but mostly due to a high technical level and a great capacity to undertake. It is very interesting to see the projects that have come out of this region, such as OpenZeppelin. One of the remarkable progress was in digital identity, and one of the most interesting topics discussed in the conference was Zero Knowledge Proof…

ZK is the future

Something that surprised me was to see a lot of technical content on this topic. Undoubtedly, it is something that will be critical in the coming years and that all of the projects will adopt in one way or another. My recommendation if you are in the web3 industry: learn about Zero Knowledge Proof.

Personal opinion

Personally, it was a great satisfaction to attend the event, being face to face one more time with the community and of course meet new people. The technical content was outstanding, but I must confess that I have to rewatch a lot of the talks to get the most out of them (I think I should do it more often). If you haven’t had a chance to go, stay tuned for next year, and don’t forget to contact me for coffee and a chat there.

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