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Yield Guild Games is partnering with Laguna Games’ first blockchain game, Crypto Unicorns, a Unicorn pet-collecting, and farming game. Its gameplay centers around Unicorn and Land NFTs, which players utilize in a fun farming simulation, and other activities including Unicorn Jousting, Racing, and Team Battling. The main game is scheduled to launch this May 2, 2022, and will be on the Polygon Network.

Yield Guild Games purchased 400 Unicorn Eggs during the genesis egg sale last year, where each egg has been hatched, revealing different unique traits. Additionally, an acquisition of 216 Crypto Unicorn land NFTs (Unicorn Farms) ranging in rarity from common to mythic was made. The assets acquired by YGG will be used by the community to play and earn rewards, soon after the game launches.

According to Sarutobi Sasuke, head of partnerships at Yield Guild Games , “Crypto Unicorns is a community-owned game economy, a digital nation that leverages NFTs and the play-and-earn model to offer fun and exciting gameplay for casual and competitive players alike.”

“Yield Guild members, in particular, should also look out for the ‘neighborhoods’ feature that will allow players to join land plots with fellow guild members and bind the community together in the Crypto Unicorn Multiverse,” he added. Due to be released this May 2022, neighborhoods will enable players to bring their land plots together with their guild mates to promote social and engaging gameplay.

According to Aron Beierschmitt, CEO of Laguna Games, “We’re thrilled to have YGG as one of our original partner guilds, because YGG is a true pioneer in the play-to-earn guild space.”

Crypto Unicorns took inspiration from some of the most beloved Nintendo classics like Pokémon, Mario, and Zelda. A player can begin to farm with just a single plot of land and a unicorn to activate the land. The player’s farm is their “home on the range” within the Crypto Unicorns Multiverse. It is a fully customizable plot of land with up to eight farm slots for harvesting berries and other important crafting materials necessary to evolve and breed Unicorns. Players can also collect materials and use them for upgrades to further boost their production.

Unicorns create value in the game and work at the farm, workshop, or rest in the stables when they are ready to breed. Unicorns can only be bred eight times where Unicorn Milk, Rainbow Tokens, and Normal Berries are used as the cost to breed. Players can choose to breed two of their own Unicorns in the Nursery, sire out their Unicorn via the marketplace, or pay to breed their Unicorn with another player’s Unicorn.

Crypto Unicorns differs from other play-to-earn games because players can choose to play the game in multiple ways, including non-competitive gameplay (farming and crafting) and PVP (racing, jousting, and battle modes).

Laguna Games, the game studio behind the game expects to release the game’s Jousting, Racing, Battling modes in Q2, Q3, and Q4 of 2022 respectively.

The game implements a dual token structure and has a governance token, RBW (Rainbow Token), and a breeding token, UNIM (Unicorn Milk). As Crypto Unicorns is going to be a community-owned game, the holders of the RBW token can utilize these tokens for Unicorn Evolution and Breeding, Staking to vote on key governance decisions and Treasury management, ultimately decentralizing the game economy.

The UNIM token is necessary for breeding and can be used for other purposes such as crafting and evolving.

For more information on Crypto Unicorns, check out their websitewhitepaperDiscord, and Twitter.

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