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We are looking for a talented  front-end web Engineer to join our team. you will be working in close collaboration with designers and other developers to create scalable, user friendly web apps with complex integrations with decentralized systems. Mighty Block is focused on building quality Apps on mobile & web platforms. Tackling a new generation of software we need driven folks who are excited to pave the way into unknown territory and have the fortitude to see it through. You will work alongside product and engineering teams to enable the next generation of crypto-gamers to safely store and interact with the assets of tomorrow.


  • Develop high quality features and scalable technologies in collaboration with design, product and development teams.
  • Build intuitive user interfaces on cutting-edge technologies, learning how to solve complex design and technical challenges.
  • Work with technical leaders to architect and implement scalable web portals and applications from the ground up, through all aspects of the project lifecycle.
  • Work with QA to identify issues and contribute to code testing suites in order to maintain long term code quality and avoid defect regressions.
  • Work in small teams with technical leaders to provide feedback and code reviews for other engineers.
  • Learn from industry trends and stay competitive with emerging frameworks, technologies, design patterns, and best practices.


  • Ambition, eagerness to learn, a positive attitude, and the ability to work within a team environment.
  • 3+ years in a JavaScript development role using: asynchronous programming, event driven programming, DOM manipulation, api integration, data binding, unit testing, MV* patterns, modularization, ES6, etc.
  • 2+ years of experience working on live web development in a client developer role.
  • Demonstrated competence using at least 2 of the following frameworks/technologies: Angular, React, React Native, Flux/Redux, Vue, JQuery, Backbone, Elm, Ember, or other client-side framework.
  • Some experience working with one or more of the following technologies for web development: Python, Ruby, PHP, Node, or Java.
  • Live development experience using Angular, React, and Redux.
  • Experience using industry standard version control tools and workflows (git, svn, perforce).
  • Excellent problem solving skills and ability to communicate solutions to the team.
  • Experience working with Scrum/Agile development practices and teams to reliably develop and release products.
  • Experience deploying live web products and features.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills, experience communicating with remote teams a plus.
  • Competent building and styling web pages with modern HTML and CSS structure and techniques.
  • Demonstrated experience working within complex UI systems and solving usability problems.


  • Demonstrated understanding of web services, REST, WebSockets and the HTTP protocol.
  • Experience with emerging blockchain technologies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.).
  • Experience integrating authentication with ethereum applications in the browser.
  • Experience setting up and maintaining local environments: Docker, Vagrant, Wamp, etc.
  • Experience with code review processes & tools (pull or merge requests).


This position provides a globally competitive base salary (DOE) and project bonus eligibility.

When applying, please include the position and location you’re applying for in your email subject line. Also include a cover letter and any relevant work samples or code repositories that you would like us to consider.

Interested? Apply now:


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