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One of the things that I missed the most during covid and the local quarantines were the face-to-face events on technology. That’s why 2022 was a great opportunity to return to that events such as Eth Latam, ETH Denver, Devcon and LaBitconf.
Last month I was recording this podcast with Pablo Sabbatella and one of the topics was the upcoming events for the rest of the year. I’ve selected these 5 that I think you might be interested in based on my own experience, events I attended, and recommendations from attendees.


Here I cheated, because it is not a conference in itself but a week of activities. Since we are not going to have a Devcon this year, I think it is a great opportunity to connect with other devs and know many projects in the web3 universe. Recommended if you are interested in networking.

When? November 13-19

Where? Istanbul, Turkey




An event that is part of the Eth Global hackathon series, but in an iconic city. If you have an idea and want to receive financing, this is a great opportunity. Plus, there’s the chance to learn and network. Recommended for developers who want to make their project a reality.


Ethereum Argentina


Great opportunity for Latin America, especially those of us further south. There will be many experts and activities and much of the content in Spanish. Recommended for developers in Latam.

When? August 16-19

Where? Buenos Aires, Argentina


Eth Online


If you don’t have the resources to attend an event in person, you can apply to this hackathon, which is 100% remote. Although the richness of face-to-face is lost, the comfort of being at home may increase productivity and ideas. Recommended for those who can’t travel.

When? October 6-27

Where? Online


Are you going to participate in any of these events? Did you participate in ETH Denver? Will you attend any other event that is not listed? Leave a comment !

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