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Metaverse is simply blowing up, and some of the projects out there are ones that still have a lot of potential to 2x 3x 5x 10x whatever x’s you want to add to it.

Because they simply haven’t gotten enough recognition or they just simply aren’t completely out yet.

In this article, I want to talk about some of the projects already out and some that are already established and some that haven’t even gone through their IDO’s.


The Sandbox is going to be the first project that we talk about primarily because I don’t think it’s even close to really realizing its full potential as far as a project is concerned.

The overall alpha hasn’t even yet to launch. So we’re still about a week away from the alpha, which will be the biggest event for the project in a very, very long time.

One of the biggest things is it has taken the third spot as far as top collections based on trading volume in the last seven days.

It’s even actually about to surpass the wolf game, which would put it second to Board Ape Club, just remarkable overall growth. It’s just insane scaling of this project as we’re preparing for a lot of releases in the near future.

I’ve been invested in Sandbox, but for those who are looking at the the project right, it’s still not too late. Overall market cap stats still sits at over a half of that of projects such as axie infinity.

So that provides a lot more potential upside, and I think there’s a lot of bigger names involved in a project such as a Sandbox, just leading it to a lot more potential upside to surpass the axie infinity eventually.

SAND Price and Market Stats


What makes Illuvium so appealing is that it’s nowhere near the size of some of your bigger metaverse projects.

İlluvium’s gameplay ETH

As far as a project, it’s not even at a billion-dollar market cap which is fantastic and speaks volumes to the project’s potential.

However, İlluvium’s gameplay hasn’t launched yet either. So there is a lot of hype leading up to the gameplay launching q1 of 2022.

I expect that also around that time, we’re going to be seeing land sales happening still projected to be in January time frame ish around there.

I see a lot of pumping of the token to lead up to around that time frame as well when we’re going to see a lot of land sales, a lot of popularity.

Because I think this really has the opportunity to set the precedence for the top tier metaverse gameplay out there based simply on the graphics. Especially ones that are playable within the next year.

ILV Price and Market Stats

My Neighbor Alice (ALICE)

This is one that, in many ways, reminds me of animal crossing, so if you’re a big fan of it. Animal crossing is a type of project that will remind you very much of it.

My Neighbor Alice)

And that is where I can see the popularity of a project such as My Neighbor Alice going in the future. İt is going to be a high-risk play.

When we look at the overall token, then the token is up 28% recently, and it’s still not even close to its all-time highs based off of where it was back in March. So that just allows me to kind of see where is really some of the major resistance in this project.

I really do think this has a lot more potential, and when we look at the market cap with 701,700,650 USD, it’s even smaller than the likes of Illuvium.

This project has also yet to launch. Its full gameplay hasn’t been released and is expected to release q1 of 2022.

ALICE Price and Market Stats


If you’re at all familiar with steam. Steam is pretty much like a platform that games are pretty much available on. So a lot of people will go to steam download the game in order to play it.

Ultra blockchain

Some of your metaverse blockchain type games attempt to launch on steam or get kicked off steam. So as an alternative, Ultra is a blockchain version the simplest way to describe it is a blockchain version of steam.

It really offers a lot of potential upsides when you see some of the fees compared to the apple of google of steam.

The market cap is just barely over 600 million compared to a lot of your other metaverse genre type of projects.

So this really has a lot more upside potential and easily has the opportunity to go to five-ten dollars per token, at least because this offers an entire platform for multiple games, so that way, if one or two specific games may not be successful, the platform itself can be still quite successful regardless maybe some of the games that may be on there.

UOS Price and Market Stats


One of the leaders in the VR, just specifically VR in the metaverse, is Netvrk that also provides a lot of risks.


Because specifically, I don’t think we’re quite there yet with VR. And specifically, a project like Netvrk is going to have a lot of that inherent risk.

Because if VR really doesn’t come to its full fruition for a very long time, we can see projects such as Netvrk struggle.

But if we can really see the the overall frontier for the VR and virtual reality really breakthrough and continue to expand in the next year, this is a type of project that has a multiple X opportunity.

Most of your metaverse projects have really primarily focused on 3d rather than all VR.

So when we look at Netvrk, we’re also going to see that it’s going to be a much, much smaller market cap sitting under 200 million dollars. But what we can see is that this token has been stepping up each time.

NTVRK Price and Market Stats

Star Atlas

Yes, it is fantastic. İt has fantastic graphics that we’ve seen so far with its trailer. We know it’s being built on real engine five.

star atlas

We know the massive potential upside in a project such as Star Atlas. But we aren’t going to really see most of the game really launch for at least a few years.

You can never know what can happen in the next three to four years. That is where the risk involves with Star Atlas. That said, there’s a lot of hype within the project, and that risk has not stopped the token from constantly pumping.

The market cap is sitting at just under 400 million. İf this game in the next few years, as the gameplay comes out, if it does live to live up to its expectations and its hype, it really could become not only the most popular game out there.

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