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Blockchain gaming platform Forte has revealed that it has acquired N3twork’s techology platform in a bid to accelerate the development of its blockchain games.

The N3twork team will join Forte as part of the transaction, with the N3twork games team forming a new independent games company, N3twork Studios.

The new studio will make use of Forte’s blockchain platform to develop and manage a range of new titles. The studio is due to release the upcoming mobile title Triumph and multi-platform Legendary Heroes Unchained.

As part of the acquisition, N3twork founder Neil Young will lead Forte’s Games Industry business unit.

Adapting to the changing landscape

“We have a huge vision with Forte – one that can create massive new creative and economic opportunities for billions of people around the world,” said Forte co-founder and CEO Josh Williams.

“To do that will require the right resources and talent. In an ever-changing landscape, acquiring N3twork’s platform group will enable Forte to go even faster than we can alone.”

N3twork co-founder and CEO Neil Young added: “I’m delighted and incredibly excited to be joining Forte to lead our Games Industry endeavor as we pursue our mission to reimagine and revolutionize the entire ecosystem through the blockchain.”

“Forte is helping enable this revolution, and together we see an opportunity to fundamentally change every aspect of our industry in a way that benefits every participant in the games ecosystem – from player to publisher, from marketer to maker—the impact of the blockchain on the gaming landscape will be profound and we are so excited to be a part of leading that change.”

The acquisition follows Forte’s Series B funding round in November 2021, which saw the firm raise $725 million for its blockchain platform. The terms of the recent acquisition have not been disclosed.

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