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Novel can deploy smart contracts over the NFT collections and make them available to users for purchases on the Shopify storefront.

Major global e-commerce platform Shopify announced a partnership with Novel, a no-code Web3 commerce platform, to make Web3 technologies accessible and approachable for all merchants.

As part of the partnership, Novel launched an app on the Shopify App Store, which equips existing merchants on Shopify with tools to experience Web3 innovation in e-commerce without any technical knowledge or time and monetary commitments.

The Novel Shopify app delivers two primary features: minting and distribution, and utility. The minting and distribution feature allows users to generate art for a new nonfungible token (NFT) collection or upload an existing NFT collection. Novel can then deploy smart contracts over the collection and make them available to users for purchase on the Shopify storefront.

Once an NFT is purchased, Novel will automate the currency bridge and create a corresponding crypto wallet for the customers. On the utility side, Novel allows merchants, including brands and creators, to enable token-based utility on their Shopify storefronts, including token-gated products, URLs and discounts, cross-chain gating on Solana, Ethereum and Polygon, ERC-20 gating and more.

Sharing the details, Roger Beaman, CEO and co-founder of Novel, stated:

“By integrating with Shopify, we’re able to leverage the industry-leading ecommerce platform they have built to equip all Shopify merchants with the tools they need to enter the Web3 commerce space.”

As an all-in-one Web3 tool on Shopify, the Novel app also powers token-gating for retailers to add use cases to their NFT collections.


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